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Logwin surmounts red tape challenge to deliver Syria aid

[ April 27, 2015   //   ]

Logwin has teamed up with the aid organisation Save the Children to deliver two trucks carrying thousands of pullovers and jackets donated by the C&A Foundation to Gaziantep on the Turkish-Syrian border in mid-April.
While the shipment involved a 3,700km journey, one of the biggest problems encountered was customs, said Norbert Göhler, who managed the project for the forwarder. “Importing the goods into Turkey was the biggest challenge of the journey since the customs regulations are very complex. You either need an import permit issued by a government agency or the shipment must be sent to a special type of aid organisation. Otherwise very high customs duties and taxes are levied – which is something we of course want to avoid.”
Customs specialists from Viersen near Mönchengladbach prepared the German customs export documents and colleagues in Aschaffenburg organised the trucks. The Logwin location in Istanbul assumed responsibility for the import documentation, maintained close contact with the aid organisation in Turkey and supervised the trucks all the way to Gaziantep.
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