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London was UK’s busiest port in 2020

[ March 16, 2021   //   ]

London was the biggest port in the UK last year, handling 47.4 million tonnes of cargo, says the Port of London Authority.

PLA chief executive, Robin Mortimer, explained: “Last year saw a massive collective effort across the port, including from terminal operators, shipping lines, essential support services such as towage providers, and of course our own team. Working together we kept essential supply chains running, so medicines, food and fuel arrived without delay.”

Developments during the year included the completion of phase one of the Tilbury2 facility, providing expanded unaccompanied freight capacity ready for Brexit, continued growth in calls at London Gateway and CLdN expanding services to the continent as demand increased later in the year.

Overall trade in the Port of London fell to 47.4 million tonnes in 2020, down 12% from 54.0 million tonnes in 2019.

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