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Lufthansa reaches major milestone

[ August 19, 2011   //   ]

Lufthansa has decked out one of its MD-11 freighters as a flying ambassador to celebrate 100 years of air cargo in Germany. The plane will operate around Lufthansa Cargo’s global network to mark the day, 19 August 1911, when a single-engined Harlan took off from a grass strip in Berlin-Johannisthal carrying the latest issues of the Berliner Morgenpost, bound for Frankfurt on the Oder.

However, just as Europe’s leading cargo carriers reached it major milestone the it is facing one of its greatest period of uncertainty, said Lufthansa Cargo chairman Karl Garnadt. “The threatened ban on night flights at Germany’s major airport in Frankfurt-am-Main is just one example of the difficult issues facing the airlines. If companies are to invest heavily in the infrastructure or modern and efficient aircraft, they require planning security.”