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Maersk claims breakthrough in produce transport

[ January 28, 2014   //   ]

Maersk Container Industry is partnering with Boston-based food quality technology company Primaira to develop an air cleaning system for its Star Cool Integrated refrigerated containers with a view to developing the fresh produce and fresh-cut flower trade. Maersk says that its Bluezone patented technology eliminates molds, fungi and bacteria and, through an ozone concentration 300 times higher than previously seen on the market, also removes ethylene effectively.

MCI chief commercial officer, Soren Leth Johannsen (below), said: “We are still working on the final design, but we are convinced that the Bluezone and Star Cool combination represents economic and environmental upsides so far unseen in container transportation.” The system will be available in the second half of 2014 and MCI believes it could lead to a decisive shift from air to sea for perishable commodities.

Managing partner of Primaira, Karen Benedek, added: “The years of exacting, scientific work demonstrate the superiority of the Bluezone technology in ethylene and mold removal and value in extending the shelf life of fresh produce.”

While ozone has been used in containers before on a temporary, per-shipment basis are operationally cumbersome and offer only a low ozone concentration. It can also harm rubber, aluminium and copper. The new system however holds out the promise of a high concentration of ozone in a concealed chamber.




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