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Maersk goes daily from Far East to Europe

[ September 15, 2011   //   ]

Maersk Line has unveiled a new concept in shipping – a daily service from selected Far East to European ports, including Felixstowe. Rather than advertising specific voyages and services, the line undertakes to get cargo dropped at its four Asian ports – Shanghai, Yantian, Ningbo and Tanjung Pelapas – to Felixstowe, Rotterdam or Bremerhaven in a flat 34 days. A spokesman for the line said the concept would be similar to the parcels’ carriers’ schedules, who advertise a simple pick up to delivery time.

It is understood that other Maersk Far East/Europe services will be available and there will be no return daily service from Europe to the Far East. Some existing services that parallel the daily service might be withdrawn or modified. A Maersk spokesman added that there were no immediate plans to extend the daily concept to other trade lanes such as Transatlantic or Transpacific though this might be considered in due course.

Nor were there any plans to charge a premium for the Daily service.