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Maersk to distribute Covid vaccine in ‘standard supply chain’

[ October 26, 2020   //   ]

Maersk has signed a partnership with pharma manufacturer Covaxx to distribute a Covid-19 vaccines globally, using normal temperature-controlled  equipment.

US-based Covaxx is carrying out Phase 1 clinical trials of its UB-612 vaccine in Taiwan and has an agreement with the University of Nebraska Medical Center to conduct Phase 2 trials in the US, following regulatory approval. The company has commitments for over 100 million doses of UB-612 around the globe and in September announced an agreement the largest diagnostic medical company in Brazil to conduct a large-scale human efficacy clinical trial there.

Maersk will oversee all logistics activities including packing and shipping, by air or ocean, ground transport, warehouse storage and distribution in a pharmaceutical grade, temperature-controlled supply chain.

The design of the vaccine components will allow for the use of existing cold-chain storage and distribution channels, as the Covaxx vaccine does not require additional infrastructure such as -80⁰C freezers or liquid nitrogen tanks to store materials at extreme temperatures, says Maersk.

Covaxx co-chief executive officer, Lou Reese said: “The COVAXX vaccine is unique in that it can be stored in the fridge you have at home, moved in the same trucks that deliver groceries and administered anywhere you can get a flu shot.