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Make a date for Dublin

[ April 26, 2012   //   ]

Shortsea 12, The European Shortsea Convention in Dublin , will take place on 24 May. Coastlink has entered into its first ever joint venture with the Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) to organise a shortsea conference, although IMDO provided substantial assistance to Coastlink when it organised a conference in Dublin in 2007.

Leo Varadkar TD, the Irish Minister for Transport will give the keynote address highlighting the increasing strength of Irish exports and the role shortsea shipping plays in them to customers worldwide. He will also discuss the wider challenges facing Europe in a volatile global economy.

Following this, the one-day conference is split into four sessions: “State of the Markets”, “The drive for sustainable logistics”, “The ‘F’ words – Finance & Fuel?” and “European Gateways”.

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