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Make safe packing your New Year’s resolution, says TT Club

[ January 6, 2021   //   ]

Freight insurer TT Club is urging cargo owners to be more aware of safety issues arising from poorly packed containers and misdeclared goods.

It says that its analyses consistently indicate that two thirds of damage incidents are caused or exacerbated by poor packing of goods into containers.

The Club’s managing director, loss prevention, Michael Yarwood adds: “The dangers are not just restricted to chemical cargoes, such as those used in paints, cosmetics, cleaning products, fertilisers, weedkillers and aerosols of all types. A wide variety of consumer goods, as well as components used in the manufacture of industrial products, domestics white goods and automobiles, if incorrectly handled in transit can cause major disasters.”

“The list is long and often surprising – BBQ charcoal, battery powered electronic devices, fireworks, hand sanitizer, wool, cotton, vegetable fibres, marble, granite and other building materials, fishmeal, seed cake and many more.”

He advises shippers to read the Code of Practice for Packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTU Code),” advises Yarwood. The joint publication by the International Maritime Organisation, International Labour Organisation and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe provides comprehensive information on all aspects of packing and securing of cargo in freight containers and other transport units for sea and land transport.

There is also a ‘Quick Guide’ to the Code which includes a checklist of actions and responsibilities for those packing cargoes in freight containers specifically.