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Maltese operator gets into trailer building

[ April 5, 2016   //   ]

Maltese forwarder and transport operator and Express Trailers has got into the manufacturing business. The company has become the only authorized re-builders of customised side-loaders in Europe for Swedish firm Hammar.
Side-loaders, or side-lifters, load and unload containers onto trailers without cranes using a hydraulic-powered mechanism installed on its chassis, capable of handling a minimum of 33 tons without any counter weight
Express Trailers’ relationship with Hammar goes back to 1985 when it ordered its first side-loader for its local operations. Since then, Noel Vella, one of the third generation family directors, has been regularly contracted by Hammar to carry out modification and servicing of sideloaders for Maltese clients and for re-export. Mr Vella is also responsible for the maintenance of all Express Trailers’ fleet of trailers and trucks.
Signing the official agreement with Hammar, Express Trailers chairman and chief executive, Franco Azzopardi paid tribute to Mr Vella’s “flair for mechanics and engineering, and more importantly, a can-do-anything attitude.”
Express Trailers’ new manufacturing arm will work on side-loaders sent to Malta by Hammar and will be responsible for all the rebuilding and upgrading, along with delivering the rebuilt units to worldwide clients, taking advantage of Malta’s strategic location, including customers in the UK, Spain, Portugal, and the Caribbean.
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