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MCP offers access all areas

[ February 9, 2024   //   ]

Maritime Cargo Processing MCP) is launching an ‘all access’ subscription platform for its Destin8 port community system. Currently, users pay for a ‘badge’ for each port location or community where they have a presence and require access to MCP services.

Subscription charges have been constant for over ten years and have been set at £1,000 per ‘community’. However, while some users pay for only one community, others may pay for as many as 20 so that they have a presence in a range of ports. Now, outsource the work to others.

Felixstowe-based MCP is to offer a new all-access user subscription

Under the new model, a new Destin8+ subscription tier is available for a flat rate of £4,000, for access to all ports served by MCP.

However, customers who only require a presence in one, two or three communities, and wish to remain on the more modular plan may continue to pay per community.

MCP says the change will allow freight forwarders, agents, hauliers, cargo brokers and other users to expand their options, offering services to their customers in the majority of ports around the UK, without incurring extra charges or having to

MCP general manager, Steve Lamb, said: “MCP has grown rapidly in recent years, more than doubling our user numbers. We have supported customers through the complexities of the new post-Brexit border requirements, whilst increasing functionality and back-office support.

“Now, we are launching a new subscription model which will simplify and streamline access for users. We listened carefully to the trade, carried out detailed analysis of our customer base, and concluded that this new offering will help our users to potentially grow their businesses and expand their options in various ports around the UK, serving their new and existing customers more easily and comprehensively.”

The new subscription will be available from 31 March.