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Miami buy spearheads JP Shipping growth

[ March 31, 2022   //   ]

Jamaica Producers Group’s UK-based subsidiary, JP Shipping Services has acquired Florida-based Miami Freight and Shipping Company.

JP Shipping Services specialises in cargo to major Caribbean markets and has recently expanded its operations to cover the rest of the world by sea and air.

JP chief executive Jeffrey Hall, said: “In adding a North American spoke, this acquisition marks an important expansion of JP’s diversified logistics and shipping platform that connects the world’s major markets to the Caribbean.”

JP Shipping Services managing director, Gary Phillips, added: “Miami Freight and Shipping provides high level customer services and has a strong history of providing logistics solutions to their commercial customer base from the US to primarily Jamaica and the Caribbean. The combined businesses will provide a full import and export service to the combined customer base and will allow JP Shipping Services to expand services to and from the US to the UK, and Miami Freight and Shipping to expand its Caribbean service offering through mutually beneficial co-operation.”

JP chief commercial officer Maya Walrond also said: “We see clear opportunities for growth in commercial cargo handling, e-commerce shipping, and export facilitation. JP is looking forward to growing in tandem with our customers, partners, and suppliers, all of whom can look forward to the continuation of excellent service from the Miami Freight and Shipping team led by Juliana Keene.”

JP Group’s other logistics interests include Kingston Wharves Limited, a leading regional multipurpose port and UK-based Caribbean and Latin America specialist Geest Line.