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Mixed picture for freight recruitment

[ August 5, 2020   //   ]

Personnel specialist Red Recruit Global reports that the last month has been very busy in the shipping sector, with some forwarders reporting shipments at pre-COVID levels and a 72% rise in vacancies from July to the current time (early August). The time needed to fill vacancies has also reduced dramatically, with the average time to fill a role now just 5.5 days.

Many of the roles are customs clerks; customs training by firms is once again eligible for government grants, points out Red Recruit.

However, it adds that it has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of people being made redundant, while many candidates still on furlough – suggesting that there is great disparity between different companies’ situations at the moment.

“However overall the industry has the feeling it’s re-awoken and on the rise,” says Red Recruit chief executive, Caroline Seear

One of Red Recruit’s major job boards is reporting an extra 43 million extra website visits June alone. New Vacancies are at the lowest in five years, and 60% down from last year. Commercial and sales jobs being one of the worst affected, down by 220,000 individual postings.

It also says that people searching and applying for logistics jobs are down 1.9% as candidates seem to be coming out of the industry and securing roles in new sectors.