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More China delays following Covid outbreak in Yantian

[ June 9, 2021   //   ]

Delays at the Yantian Port in Shenzhen in southern China, have been worsening over the last week due to a Covid outbreak, reports liner visibility firm Project44. The port is expected to remain congested throughout the month, it says.  

Project44 adds that the outbreak continues to spread as authorities in Guangzhou, the industrial city northwest of Shenzhen, have also imposed restrictions on business activity. Nansha Port, one of the fastest-growing terminals in the region will also feel the impact of the restrictions, further increasing congestion issues in Yantian.  

As of 7 June, 47 vessels were approaching the port with 22 of them already  behind schedule and the congestion is expected to exacerbate over the next few weeks. Several container lines have announced rerouting their vessels away from the Shenzhen port cluster to preserve their schedules.  

Project44 warns that the incident may add to the already record cost of shipping goods out of China.