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Morrison offers customs help

[ September 22, 2021   //   ]

Suffolk-based Morrison Freight is now offering customs services in addition to its established European logistics and road freight solutions.

With any goods that cross the border between the UK and the EU liable for customs procedures, the increased administration and data collection is more difficult for businesses to manage – particularly if they don’t have the relevant expertise or software in-house.

Director, Darren Ryan (pictured, left) said: “Here at Morrison Freight we have been offering customs services on work we have been involved in for a while now, but we are excited to be in a position to extend our services. The team is highly experienced in this area and will be able to guide you through every aspect of the customs process, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of cargo.”

Darren’s fellow director, Lee Steward (right) commented: “The shortage of lorry drivers is a massive issue for our industry and this is having an impact on the timing of deliveries, meaning certain products aren’t as readily available as they were pre-pandemic/Brexit.

“However, despite these obstacles, we’re proud to be doing our part in keeping the supply chain moving and we will continue to invest in new software and training to ensure our customers can benefit from the best possible service when working with us.”