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MSC has a plan to keep global trade moving

[ April 6, 2020   //   ]

MSC group president and chief executive Diego Aponte says that the line has introduced a Suspension of Transit programme that uses major transhipment hubs including Bremerhaven, Turkey’s Tekirdag Asyaport, Busan, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Port, Lome in Togo and Panama as advance storage posts to help shippers begin moving goods early in anticipation of a resumption in demand. In Europe MSC is also using short-sea shipping networks to avoid new land-border blockages created by curbs on the movement of people.
MSC people meanwhile are using technology to work remotely from home in many cases, including in China, the Geneva headquarters and in other locations. Many customers already use the myMSC online booking platform and the line is prioritizing upgrades to this e-business solution.
However, added Aponte: “Switching on from home is not an option for many of our people – our seafarers who navigate our fleet of 550 container ships; the drivers of trucks, trains and barges; dockworkers; handlers of goods at our depots and warehouses; and our vigilant port captains and terminal operators around the globe. We salute them all, and many others like them, for their unwavering dedication.”