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Multimodal registrations open – updated

[ July 28, 2021   //   ]

Visitor registration for the Multimodal 2021 show in Birmingham is now open. Visiting Hours are: Tuesday 19 October : 10.00-17.00; Wednesday 20 October : 10.00-19.00; and Thursday 21 October : 10.00-15.00. To register, visit:

Multimodal and Logistics UK have teamed up to produce a three-day series of panel discussions and keynote speeches on sustainable logistics. Speakers will look at how tech innovation, modal shift, and people power are shaping resilient supply chains. Director of policy for Logistics UK, Elizabeth de Jong, will open the seminars with a keynote speech covering the Logistics Report 2021 and looking at the resilience of the supply chain sector across all modes.

Chief commercial officer at Awery, Tristan Koch, will discuss the lessons learnt from Covid on the Tech Innovations Panel. Cardiff Business School’s Professor Andrew Potter will explain how 5G will drive efficiencies at ports and there will be a discussion on how to build a diverse Next Gen workforce and put mental health wellbeing top of the agenda.