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Multinational effort boosts central Asian energy industry

[ October 17, 2017   //   ]

Antonov Airlines has been working with Bolloré Logistics China to transport compressors on four AN-124 flights from Canada to a gas field in Turkmenistan for a Chinese engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company.

Due to the size and weight of the cargo, both the AN-124-100’s unique on-board crane system and extension ramps and mobile cranes were used for loading and offloading.

The consignment included a main skid, 13.75m long, 5.30m wide, and 4.16m high, and weighed 81.5 tonnes, and a sub skid, 7.65m long, 5.00m wide, and 2.44m high, and weighed 13.9 tonnes, in addition to miscellaneous equipment.

Antonov Airlines carries an adaptor on-board each of its aircraft, extending lift capacity to 30 tonnes.

Managing director of Bolloré Logistics North China, Sun Hongbo, said: “The level of expertise and professionalism of ANTONOV Airlines combined with their unparalleled flexibility were key factors for the successful completion of this project.

“The four charters are the result of excellent teamwork and mark an important milestone in the close cooperation between Antonov Airlines and Bolloré Logistics.”


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