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New approach to African deliveries

[ September 7, 2021   //   ]

P&O Maritime Logistics and IO Materials Services (IOMS) have launched a new cargo system for Africa in Nigeria. FlexDelivery aims to reduce the cost of supplying the offshore supply industry as well as cutting fuel consumption and carbon output. The companies say their new offering “disrupts” the traditional model of high shore base start-up costs, rentals and vessel time-chartered contracts by focusing on what is ultimately required by the energy industry, namely cargo delivery. The Offshore Energy Industry which traditionally worked on an asset and facility model, the partners add.

It reduces costs by an average of 20-30%, has 20-30% lower fuel consumption and 40 -50% less distance travelled compared to traditional time-charter supply contracts.

The solution enhances visibility throughout the last mile delivery which has been a bottleneck for some time, using data and artificial intelligence to provide a real time view of cargo movement and delivery dates controlled through an online booking platform.

The new offering is an expansion of P&O Maritime Logistics’ new ‘Supply on Demand’ service that integrates shore base and quayside operations into a comprehensive logistics solution.