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New bag allows KLM to carry cargo on seats safely

[ April 14, 2021   //   ]

KLM Cargo has partnered and its equipment supplier Trip & Co have designed a cargo seat bag to allow in-cabin freight to be transported safely and without risk to damage of interior fittings.

During the Covid-19 pandemic began the Dutch carrier resported to carrying medical relief goods and PPE material on seats secured with plastic sheeting and straps. Initially, these flights were operated on the airline’s remaining three KLM Boeing 747 Combis but now that these aircraft have been retired Boeing 777s have taken over which are also fully operational for passenger flights. Boxes must be loaded into the seats with enormous care to avoid damaging the interior, seats and entertainment systems.

The bags not only protect the interior, but also double loading capacity on the seats, reduce physical strain during handling and prevent plastic waste.

KLM received the first set of 172 Cargo Seat Bags (single-seat, double-seat and triple-seat versions) on 8 April and carried out its first operational flight using them on 13 April, carrying about 950 boxes (10 tonnes) of medical relief goods and Covid-19 test kits from Shanghai to Amsterdam.