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New Irish postcodes baffle freight industry

[ September 2, 2014   //   ]

Freight Transport Association Ireland says that it has received complaints from its members about the country’s new Eircode postcode system to be rolled out in 2015. They say that Eircode appears to be optimised for the delivery of postal mail, but not adequate for location or navigation.  If Eircode is to be Ireland’s national postcode, the general public should be reassured that it is fit for purpose as it is likely to be with us for at least fifty years, said General Manager of FTA Ireland, Neil McDonnell.
He told FBJ that the database on which Eircode is based is the An Post (Irish Post Office) Geodirectory.

However, unlike the UK’s post code, it “recognises” postal addresses only and is not decodeable into a delivery sequence and it has no recognition of a street-level or locale. Moreover, it has very large postal districts with an average 15,000 addresses, but up to 80,000 in some cases, compared to 20-50 in UK.

Satnav companies are meanwhile going their own way in Ireland and FTA fears a proliferation of codes designed for different purposes.