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New planes for British Airways

[ July 4, 2013   //   ]

Two new passenger aircraft have joined British Airways fleet – the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380. They mark the start of a ten-year fleet renewal plan that will see the delivery of 78 widebody aircraft to the IAG group, which BA has formed in partnership with Spain’s Iberia.

Replacing the B767 and B747 models, the new B787 aircraft offer increased cargo capacity and, on all existing B787 orders, IAG Cargo has specified hold air conditioning capabilities for cargo such as perishables or pharmaceuticals.

While the impressive size of the A380’s passenger cabin is not matched by its cargo carrying capabilities, IAG Cargo has optimised its A380 for belly-hold cargo by purchasing two additional ULD positions in the hold. IAG will also be the first carrier in the world to receive an A380 with an improved maximum take-off weight, 12 tonnes heavier than other A380’s currently flying, allowing it to carry more cargo. The aircraft has air conditioning in the forward hold and heating and ventilation in the rear hold and it will be possible to set and maintain hold temperature to within 1˚C accuracy.

BA A380