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Newhaven unveils expansion scheme

[ February 24, 2015   //   ]

Newhaven Port Authority (NPP) has applied for planning permission to create a new berth and associated development area by expanding its existing East Quay area. In its application, NPP says it is “desperately short of quayside.” A significant length of the East Quay cannot be used as it has to be clear to allow ferries to access the ferry berth; the southern end of the East Quay will be dedicated to mooring of wind farm crew transfer vessels. This leaves NPP with essentially only one short berth area to handle all other cargo and marine traffic.

It adds that the existing East Quay is also very old and was not built to take heavier weights of cargo. It cannot be dredged any deeper due to the old infrastructure and so limits the size of vessels handled. The North Quay is not an option for Port expansion as the previous owners leased it on 999 year terms, effectively sterilising it from any NPP plans. In addition, it is extremely limited in depth and width.

If the port is to attract new business and create jobs that this brings will need to build new quayside and the chosen area picked is, it says, “the most obvious choice; essentially refurbishing an existing derelict area of the port.”

But the plans have sparked opposition by local surfers, who say that the scheme will affect one of the best beaches for waves in the area. Nearly 1,600 people have signed a petition calling for the surf break to be recognised and protected.