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Nippon Express offers temperature controlled solution – for electronics

[ October 17, 2022   //   ]

Freight forwarder Nippon Express has introduced temperature-controlled containers and transport services not to carry fruit and vegetables or even pharmaceuticals but delicate semiconductor-manufacturing and other precision equipment.

Nippon Express (Shanghai) is now operating six new temperature-controlled units to carry equipment that requires strict temperature and humidity control.

Semiconductors are being built into all kinds of electronic devices such as smartphones, PCs, and automobiles and the equipment and instruments used to manufacture them are becoming increasingly large.

NX Shanghai’s high cube containers can  maintain a temperature of 21°C to 25°C and a humidity of 60% or less.

The service will initially be made available for shipments aboard high-speed ferries between China, South Korea, and Japan, but Nippon Express hopes to expand the fleet and as the business grows.