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No clean air charge for Southampton

[ January 9, 2019   //   ]

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed Southampton City Council’s rejection if a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) charge in Southampton, saying the decision would boost the port and local businesses. FTA says that the zone would have damaged the port and local economy but fail to deliver swift improvements in air quality.
Environmental Policy Manager at the FTA, Rebecca Kite, said: “While the logistics sector is fully committed to reducing its environmental impact, it is of the upmost importance that any air quality scheme reflects the unique needs of each place. The proposed charging CAZ would have brought thousands of businesses and operations into its scope, causing operating costs to soar and irrevocably damaging its local economy. Most worryingly, the bustling Port of Southampton, which is UK’s second largest container terminal, would have been included in the Zone.”
FTA said it was looking forward to working with the council to develop a series of non-charging measures.

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