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No-emissions testbed for the Tees

[ December 15, 2021   //   ]

A consortium of partners – Duodrive, Durham University, Queen Mary University of London, and TRL – are to demonstrate the UK’s first zero-emission marine technology in the Tees Valley. They will convert a Lochin 33 workboat into a dual-fuelled vessel as a testbed to prove the concept of a retro-fit green hydrogen solution in the controlled environment of the Port of Middlesbrough.

For the purposes of the demonstration, the modified marine vessel will operate at sea, though the technologies are suitable for use by inland waterway vessels. The project is expected to take seven months, with trials running in Spring 2022.

This ambitious project seeks to prove that a solution does exist, by operating – for at least three months – a concept demonstration vessel using a clean, safe, green-hydrogen marine transport solution.

A key component of the project is the provision of a hydrogen refuelling station within the Tees Valley Multi-Modal Hydrogen Transport Hub – a living lab designed for the development of hydrogen powered transport systems, including small marine vessels. The Hub, and this marine vessel demonstration, are funded partly by InnovateUK and partly by industry.