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No need to go overboard

[ July 9, 2020   //   ]

Less than one thousandth of 1% of the roughly 226 million containers currently shipped each year go overboard, according to the World Shipping Council’s update to its survey and estimate of containers lost at sea. According to the 2020 update of the survey of WSC member companies, first carried out in 2011, in the 2008-2019 period there were on average a total of 1,382 containers lost at sea each year. In a typical year, there are 500-1,000 lost boxes, though there was a sharp spike in 2013 caused by the sinking of the MOL Comfort with a loss of 4,293 containers.

However, the industry recognizes that all containers lost at sea are safety and environmental hazards and continues to work with governments and other stakeholders to reduce losses in the future.