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Oldham forwarder gives Rugby League a transatlantic twist

[ March 29, 2017   //   ]

Oldham-based forwarder Allseas Global Logistics is sponsoring the first transatlantic sports team in history. Canadian professional rugby Toronto Wolfpack is beginning its first professional season competing in Englisg Rigby League One and Allseas will supporting the team’s logistics needs throughout the season as they criss-cross the Atlantic between their home and away matches.

Allseas is also sponsoring the team’s kit for the season.

Allseas managing director Darren Wright, said:”The sport of rugby league is one that many of our staff follow and support, so we saw this is as a chance to use our company’s logistics expertise to assist with bringing one of the most talented overseas teams to the UK and expand audiences of the sport, globally.

“The Toronto Wolfpack team have been received well by supporters in the UK and are already off to a sensational start in League One. If their success continues, we believe this has the potential to be one of the greatest sporting stories in recent years.”

Toronto Wolfpack chief executive, Eric Perez, added: “I’m very happy to welcome Allseas Global Logistics to the pack. We both share a pioneering spirit, and my team and I look forward to working with the company.

“We know that we are setting a precedent for the sport, with many other sporting organisations watching closely to see how the team progresses and is received by fans in the UK. We’re deeply committed to growing the sport of rugby league in Canada and across North America, so efficient and effective logistics are crucial to the success of our transatlantic team, and there is no one better to help us on this front.”