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Olympic news from ASM

[ July 16, 2012   //   ]

Customs clearance software firm Agency Sector Management is streaming a twitter feed giving real-time updates on traffic congestion around Heathrow Airport during the Olympics to its web site ( It says it will give easy access to the information to staff not allowed access to social media at work.
The Heathrow Air Freight Forum (HAFF) is being coordinated by Allport operations manager Damian Slack, and was set up by the British International Freight Association to communicate real time updates on traffic and other issues affecting the cargo terminal.

Slack adds: “I am sure this will have a life beyond the Olympics – we can get information out quickly about strikes or congestion for example.”

ASM’s web site also now lists the latest authorized Customs Information Papers (CIPS), enabling users to review and evaluate any potential impact of new legislation on their business.

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