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Online broker adds Southampton routes

[ June 16, 2014   //   ]

Online intermodal brokers, FreightArranger has added new routes between Southampton and Manchester, and Southampton and Leeds. The trains run on all working days, with afternoon loading cut-offs allowing next-day deliveries and can accept high cube (9′ 6″ high) ISO containers and swapbodies up to 2.5 metres wide. There are opportunities to carry even wider containers and swapbodies.

FreightArranger will organise for goods to be taken from Southampton, by train to either of the two key cities andonward delivery by road, if required.

It is expected that the routes will attract one-way transits, particularly export goods.

FreightArranger already offers a rail service between Purfleet and Daventry; additional routes are expected to be announced in the coming months.

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