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Online event to explore future of Welsh ports

[ September 1, 2021   //   ]

Registration is now open for a virtual event on the future of Welsh ports, organised by ABP.

Future ports: Wales vision will take place on 13 October with politicians, industry experts, business groups and academics debating the strategic role that ports could play in the future, as Wales looks to tackle a range of key economic and environmental challenges over the next 30 years.

There will be keynote addresses from Julie James MS, minister for climate change and the secretary of state for Wales, Simon Hart MP. This will be followed by a wide-ranging panel debate, chaired by Tim Morris, chief executive of the UK Major Ports Group.

The event marks the start of ABP’s public and stakeholder engagement, following an extensive master-planning process, involving each of its South Wales ports. The project looked at how the ports may need to evolve and adapt over the next few decades to respond to the challenges presented by climate change, as well as embracing new opportunities, like clean energy, digitally-driven logistics and advanced, port-centric manufacturing.

ABP director of Wales and short sea ports, Andrew Harston, said: “The challenges facing many of our industries today will require business leaders and policy makers to work together like never before, in particular to collaborate in order to positively benefit from the opportunities in the emerging post-carbon economy.”

“We have looked closely at the DNA of our five ports in South Wales and challenged ourselves to think about what they could look like in the future. Not just in five to 10 years, but in 30 or 40 years’ time. What type of infrastructure will future ports need? How is the use of land, mix of tenants and types of activity being carried out on ports likely to change? What steps need to be taken now to future proof our ports and ensure they continue to be drivers of economic growth, while doing their bit to protect the environment?”

Future ports: Wales vision is also the title of a White Paper, produced by ABP and set to be launched at the virtual event. It sets out a series of ‘missions’ that ABP believes are key to a successful industrial future – with goals and objectives that will require a new era of collaboration between port owners and government, industry, academic institutions and local communities.

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