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Open standards for container telematics

[ June 6, 2019   //   ]

The Container Owners Association (COA)’s telematics/track trace work group is to provide an open standard (at the application layer level) to permit interoperability of telematics device data from solution providers in the maritime shipping sector.

The open standard will start with refrigerated units but will  be expanded to cover all container types, will pave the way for all container owners to have multiple choices of vendors and platforms for their container fleets when choosing telematics systems. This will reduce risk and provide a more competitive and innovative marketplace of solutions to be explored and deployed.

COA chairman Brian Darnowski, said: “This new open standard will allow container owners to explore more complex IT, Artificial Intelligence and even Blockchain applications to bring efficiencies and cost savings to our members.”

The first step of this open standard is at the application layer, but the COA Work Group has also drawn up a roadmap to be expanded right down to the device level in terms of specification. The open standard is scheduled to be published in October 2019