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Overland, over sea and over here

[ August 11, 2014   //   ]

As a leading outsize load specialist, Van der Vlist is used to barge transport, as in transporting things on barges. But over the summer it got to move a barge overland on a truck from North Holland to Exmouth.

In a truly multimodal effort, the 18-ton barge – 18 metres long, 4.25m wide and 1.6m high – was collected from Zaandam, taken across to the Hook of Holland, where the barge was itself taken aboard another vessel, and shipped to Harwich before moving overland again across England to final destination.

Here it was unloaded by crane, and moved to the shore at high tide and carry on doing what barges do best – float about on the water. Van der Vlist’s client is watersports company, Exewake, which will use the barge as a platform for its activities.