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Palletways ID to take efficiency and safety to new heights

[ May 11, 2022   //   ]

Palletways Group has launched Palletways ID, it describes as the world’s most sophisticated forklift truck-mounted sensor technology.

The operator says it is set to make existing stand-alone pallet assessment and measuring technology obsolete, as it combines four key data measurements in one go.

This technology identifies a pallet through imaging and barcode scanning, while delivering pinpoint accurate weight measurements as the pallet is being moved, and for the first time, cubes its dimensions in seconds again while the forklift truck (FLT) is in motion.

Initially born from the operational need to capture and harness accurate data on individual pallets instantly and on the go, Palletways ID – the result of two years of research and development – also delivers greater than ever real-time information for health and safety, says Palletways.

Announcing the new technology at the Palletways UK Conference held at Silverstone on 10 May, attended by the company’s growing membership, Palletways UK managing director UK, Rob Gittins, said: “This is not simply a first for pallet networks, but a first for the whole logistics industry. This doesn’t just build on current technology, which involves stationary measurement tools such as cubing boxes and finger scanners. It effectively makes them obsolete.”