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Parking operators passing up profits, says TAPA

[ May 18, 2017   //   ]

Truck park owners in Europe are missing out on substantial revenues because their locations are not recognised as being secure enough by transporters of high value products, says the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA).

TAPA is approaching 520 parking place operators in 35 countries in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region to highlight the commercial benefits of adopting its new Parking Security Requirements (PSR) being launched this summer. The new security standard joins TAPA’s long-standing and highly respected Facility Security Requirements (and Trucking Security Requirements (TS), which are now a mandatory qualification in a growing number of global supply chains.

Tony Kavanagh, who leads TAPA EMEA’s Secure Parking Working Group, says: “European freight crime, in particular, is at an unprecedented level, and the biggest threat occurs during road transportation, specifically when drivers need to take mandatory rest breaks. The lack of a database of trusted and secure parking places means vehicles end up parked in lay-bys and on industrial estates, which can make them an easy target for cargo thieves operating in those areas.”

In fact, TAPA believes a high number of professional parking sites in Europe may already meet the minimum requirements of the new standard. The 520 sites already identified have been put forward by its member companies, and the Association says it will continue to add to this list as it aims to build a new network of secure parking sites across EMEA.

TAPA’s secure parking programme is open to all Parking Place Operators, who will not be asked to pay a fee to TAPA to participate in Phase 1. The Association is simply focused on creating a secure parking network to benefit its members through a programme of certification, partnership and mutual recognition.

Phase 2 will see the addition of a full certification programme in 2018 featuring three levels and audits carried out by independent audit bodies.

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