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Partners offer Airbus cargo space

[ April 23, 2020   //   ]

Chapman Freeborn has teamed up with Avia Solutions Group sister company Avion Express to bring their A320 and A231 passenger fleets to the cargo market. The two companies have received all the required approvals to operate cargo-only flights across its entire fleet of Airbus passenger aircraft.

Avion Express commercial manager, Dainius Staniulis, said: “The aircraft are actually very spacious and can accommodate a significant amount of cargo. We are working with authorities to remove the seats in the passenger deck to maximize the cargo volume that we can carry and help us utilize the cabin and overhead compartments for lighter, smaller boxes, while the belly hold is used for larger items. The A320 and A321 can carry up to 17 tons and 24 tons, respectively.”

The aircraft are positioned in strategic locations across Europe.