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Patent to give airship firm lift-off

[ May 12, 2015   //   ]

US-based Worldwide Aeros Corporation has been granted a patent for its flight system for a constant volume variable buoyancy air vehicle, with onboard control-of-static-heaviness (COSH) management. The company describes it as “game-changing advancement in the field of aviation. COSH technology overcomes a historical limitation of airships regarding their need for external ballast, and now permits the aircraft type to engage in missions including long-range, heavy-lift cargo transport.
Aero chief executive and COSH inventor, Igor Pasternak, explained: “Large capacity airships have long been a dream for cargo logistics flexibility, but impracticable, because if you off-loaded 100 tons your helium filled aircraft will float away if not first loaded with 100 tons of ballast at your pre-determined destination. Inefficient and limiting, this is why airships never transitioned into cargo airships.”
The patent will permit Aeros and its partners to develop true vertical take-off and landing airships that do not need external ballast or ground infrastructure.