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PD Ports signs up to security scheme

[ June 30, 2021   //   ]

PD Ports has registered Teesport with the new PortSafe initiative for a collaborative approach by law enforcement agencies and industry to enhance security awareness.

Launched in March 2021, it encourages operators to hold briefings and training sessions as well as a dedicated hotline to allow anonymous reporting for matters of concern.

PD Ports’ dedicated Harbour Police force covers the whole Teesport complex

PD Ports’ head of police, security and resilience, Neal Armstrong, explained: “Whilst we already have exceptional security provisions in place across Teesport we hope that by becoming a PortSafe facility we can further expand on people’s understanding of potential security threats and in turn enhance resilience across the port complex.

“As a Harbour Police force we are committed to providing a safe environment for all of the businesses and people within our jurisdiction. The PortSafe hotline provides an extra layer of security to the measures we already have in place at Teesport and demonstrates how safety remains our top priority.”

If you see anything suspicious at Teesport, call the Harbour Police on 01642 277216 or contact the anonymous PortSafe hotline on 0800 141 2927.