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Pembroke exports oil plant to Pakistan

[ October 23, 2019   //   ]

The final parts of a complete oil refinery has been exported fromPembroke Port in south-west Wales to Pakistan in a six-week operation. A total of 1,690 tonnes of components were exported on the heavy lift vessel Regine and 1,125 tonnes on the Maria.  The former Murco refinery in Pembrokeshire closed in 2014 and during the past three years over 13,000 tonnes of cargo has been transported over the quay in seven exports to southern Asia.  In addition to heavy lift vessels, the Terra Marique barge was positioned at Gelliswick Bay to load the parts that were too large to be transported by road and taken to Pembroke Port along the Milford Haven Waterway. Sand had to be dug out of the beach, a ramp built and parts were driven onto the barge when the tide allowed.