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Pharma logistics needs to shape up, says expert

[ January 10, 2018   //   ]

The global pharma industry loses over $35bn a year solely as a result of temperature excursions and 30% of scrapped pharmaceutical can be attributed to logistics issues alone, says industry collaboration specialist Alan Kennedy.

Speaking ahead of the roll-out of the Poseidon pharma ocean freight programme at the IQPC Temperature Controlled Logistics Conference in London on 1 February, he said that despite the attention being paid to upgrading logistics process, most of the current ‘improvement’ initiatives for pharma “are piecemeal and merely papering over the cracks”, he argued.

He claimed that the Poseidon model provides a structured platform on which the industry can work in concert and has been methodically built around collaborative. Pharma shippers form the backbone to the program and are actively involved in program design and development.

Poseidon’s Mark Edwards commented: “The Poseidon program has been conceived as a risk-managed, fully GDP compliant, comprehensively-insured freight platform for pharma. It’s smart consolidation of all the different freight players and elements makes it a very attractive proposition for pharma shippers.”
Poseidon says that its logistics, product and service partners are hand-picked and vetted prior to signing the partnering agreement which tightly commits them to the program and governs their behaviour and performance. Companies already on board include Maersk, H. Essers, Marsh, DuPont, Pelican Biothermal, Logtag Recorders and Controlant.