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Platform for growth

[ June 5, 2019   //   ]

Platform for growth

Virgin Atlantic Cargo has become the first carrier to adopt the latest version of the Accenture Freight & Logistics Software 8.0 (AFLS 8.0) platform and adopt the unique digital capabilities of the Cloud-enabled, end-to-end cargo management software suite.

The new Cloud-enabled, end-to-end cargo management software suite will replace Virgin’s 10-year-old Voyager operating system when the first phase goes live in early 2020. Virgin says the new platform goes beyond traditional cargo management.

Once fully operational, customers’ systems will be able to interface directly with the airline’s new web platform for pricing, bookings, allocations, and operations, while ‘live chat’ and Chatbots will offer 24/7 interaction.

It will enable automation and self-service supporting simpler pricing, booking and routing processes; better decision-making ability on routes, capacity, costs and rates; real-time visibility, simpler processes and greater responsiveness; data warehousing, in turn enabling analytics and optimisation; and integration with other Virgin systems.