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P&O Ferries to sail on Christmas Day to clear Kent backlog

[ December 24, 2020   //   ]

P&O Ferries will be sailing on Christmas Day, along with Eurotunnel to help clear the backlog of stranded trucks in Kent, reports ferry booking agency Motis.

Meanwhile, testing at Manston Airport has been slow but is building up, and vehicles have been slowly leaving the site to head to the port. However, the A20 through Dover town is still blocked and access to the port is from the A2/Jubilee Way only at the moment.

The French Fire Brigade arrived in Dover this morning with more testing kits and are working through vehicles on the A20. Testing also continues on the M20 with testers making their way from vehicle to vehicle. 

Eurotunnel reports that the flow of arriving vehicles arriving is increasing and operations are running well.

However, it will take a number of days to clear the backlog and the UK Government is still encouraging hauliers not to travel to Kent.