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Ports look beyond Brexit

[ January 8, 2019   //   ]

The British Ports Association will be promoting its ‘zoning’ policy in 2019, said chief executive Richard Ballantyne in outlining the key priorities for 2019.
The BPA’s Port Development and Enterprise Zone concept is a vision for areas around ports to be classified with a special planning, consenting, business and regulatory status to help stimulate development and growth. It could lead to the growth of a network regional hubs around port and coastal locations across the UK, as ports themselves are often in areas of deprivation and economic need, Ballantyne argues.
Business, enterprise and skills incentives could help ports, tenants and connected businesses. Many of the rules in relation to environmental legislation and consenting stem from the EU and the BPA is encouraging policymakers to review how ports and coastal developers are regulated. There will also be opportunities to reach outside the industry and build in freeport trade areas where appropriate, he added.
Ballantyne added that while Brexit has often seemed all-consuming, the BPA is keen to focus on port sector promotion, increased public transport investment, planning/consenting improvements and issues around people and safety which will all be priorities for all ports across the UK. Working in partnership with the Westminster and devolved administrations will continue to be a feature this year.