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Pragmatic forwarders make light work of container weighing rules

[ September 30, 2016   //   ]

With 1 October marking the end of the three-month settling-in period for the International Maritime Organisation’s container weighing rules, predictions that ports would be clogged by immobile boxes have proved unfounded, says the British International Freight Association.
Director general Robert Keen said that some of the wilder predictions were similar to the ‘Millennium Bug’ fears of aircraft dropping out the sky and lights going off – which also provided to be unfounded.
He added: “Our constant message was that pragmatic and problem solving BIFA Members would overcome any snags and keep trade moving, which is of course what has happened.
“Nevertheless, although reported levels of compliance are encouraging, our message to members and the freight forwarding community is to make sure that they continue to focus on achieving accurate VGM certification and overcome any IT communication challenges that remain.”