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Priority Freight moves life-saving spare 7,000 miles in 48 hours

[ February 23, 2022   //   ]

Urgent logistics firm Priority Freight delivered a life-saving spare part for a hospital scanner from the Netherlands to Namibia in 48 hours recently.

The hospital faced problems when the only scanner on-site suffered a rare breakdown. Despite the best efforts by local engineers, the only way to resolve the issue was to have a large ‘arm’ shipped from the EU spares facility in the Netherlands, over 7,000 miles away.

By negotiating with the airline in both Amsterdam and Frankfurt, and preparing for customs clearance in Namibia ahead of time, Priority Freight’s Heathrow team ensured the unit and the equipment needed for offload into the hospital travelled through customs at each airport without delay. The situation in Namibia was quickly escalated to national government level.

Engineers had the scanner back in action on the same day as delivery.

For good measure, the broken part was loaded back into the purpose-built crate for shipping back to the manufacturer in the UK for analysis.