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‘Processes delay containers as much as ships’ says analyst

[ June 11, 2012   //   ]

Delays to  seafreight containers are almost as much due to do with processes as with delays to ships, according to a new report by SeaIntel. The Danish-based analyst said that reliability statistics – based on SeaIntel’s analysis of Inttra’s global data of over 800,000 container status messages per day – suggested that while show that 59% of late container deliveries are due to the vessels not being on time, the remaining 41% will have been delayed due to other factors such as missed transshipments, rolled containers or arriving at port too late.

SeaIntel Maritime Analysis CEO Lars Jensen said: “This shows that in order for the industry to improve reliability in the supply chain, almost as much focus need to be awarded to the processes around the shipment as to the actual operations of the vessels themselves.”

SeaIntel found that for the 2012 year-to-date,n 79.1% of all vessel arrivals have within a day of their scheduled arrival.

Lars Jensen added that there had been a low point in punctuallity at the beginning of 2011, an improvement towards the end of 2011 but with a plateau in the middle of the year, whereupon punctuality dropped slightly again in the beginning of 2012 down to a plateau around the same level as mid-2011.


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