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Raft to the rescue of hard-pressed forwarding staff

[ July 9, 2024   //   ]

Australian-headquartered forwarding and logistics company Navia is using Raft’s AI-automated logistics finance capability to process large numbers of invoices. Raft’s AI now processes the bulk of the thousands of invoices, including document processing, data extraction and validation against existing data.

Navia, whose head office is in Melbourne is a vertically integrated supply chain partner that provides solutions in purchase order and vendor management, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and third-party logistics for B2B and e-commerce applications which dispatches over 100,000 items a year for retail and industrial machinery companies.

Chief operations officer Rob Ardesi says that AI now takes care of more than 3,000 minutes a week of document processing,” which previously were tasks that our staff did not enjoy,” adding: “The automation provided by Raft also required us to have our processes optimized, which helped identify areas for improvement which otherwise would have gone unnoticed.”

Navia’s accounts payable team previously suffered severe stress caused by human error as costs were being allocated incorrectly.