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Rail firm goes out to spot shippers

[ February 15, 2017   //   ]

Railway logistics provider TX Logistik has set up a new department for short-notice spot transport. The service was established at the beginning of the year and will be expanded gradually in response to increased demand for such services.

TX Logistik is focused on the North-South axis from Scandinavia to Italy, from Germany to Italy and from the Netherlands to Southern Germany but not currently the UK.

However, the service is being offered to UK hauliers who want to put their goods on rail in Rotterdam.

During the first phase, TXL is focussing on the block train segment but in the medium-term would like to extend it to wagon groups. Demand for traditional bulk cargo tends to be subject to strong volume fluctuations, and can be a challenge to cater for it with weekly schedules.

Demand is also increasing for spot container transport. Requirements and volumes are increasing because of the increase in size in container ships and volumes have to be handled at short notice.