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Rail firm keeps it all under control

[ October 28, 2020   //   ]

Rail wagon leaser VTG will use sensors developed by Nexxiot to monitor the condition of temperature sensitive goods from December. Some 3,000 wagons will be equipped with sensors on customer request, which can record the temperature of the tank, the heating system and the outlet.

Detailed analysis is available to customers on the VTG platform traigo and, in the event of temperature changes, all participants receive a notification through the system.

VTG’s head of innovation, Hanno Schell, said: “Some products are no longer usable even after small temperature variations. That is why we want to guarantee our customers complete documentation when transporting high-value chemicals or other temperature-sensitive goods. With launching the Nexxiot solution, we go one step further. The notification of anomalies enables real-time action to be taken to prevent temperature fluctuations.” Nexxiot’s CEO Stefan Kalmund added: “We will support VTG in the future to further improve the quality of transport in these sectors. The use of real-time information and its integration into the day-to-day work of customers play an important role in this.”

VTG’s senior project manager, Peter Töpfer, said: “The digitalization of our entire fleet is a high priority for us. Only the generation, processing and intelligent use of data enables us to offer our customers the transparency they need to make sound decisions.”