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Reaching the places other parcels carriers cannot

[ June 9, 2015   //   ]

Menzies Distribution has acquired Inverness-based AJG Parcels in order to enter the e-commerce parcel market. It will focus on hard-to-reach areas, where it will act as a neutral consolidation partner for major parcel carriers. Beginning 20 years ago as an owner-managed operation, AJG Parcels now makes around 9,000 deliveries and 800 pick-ups daily with its 140 staff and a fleet of more than 100 GPS-equipped vehicles.
Menzies, which traditionally delivers overnight on behalf of print media publishers, intends to unlock the potential of the business in daylight hours. It managing director, Forsyth Black, said: “With our existing geographical reach, especially in harder to access towns, the acquisition further underlines our appeal to companies seeking cost-efficient deliveries to the North and rural West of Scotland. We believe that, by acting as a neutral consolidator in these areas, we can offer a compelling partnership proposition to the UK’s major parcel carriers.”

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