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Ready for the Christmas rush

[ November 28, 2013   //   ]

Liverpool-based B&M Retail has signed a deal with Peel Ports to handle an extra 85,000 pallets of stock in the run up to Christmas. Stock for the discount retailer that would otherwise have been moved to warehouses across the North West, will be stored and distributed direct from the Port of Liverpool.

B&M Retail, which is headquartered in Speke, Merseyside, currently operates 360 stores across the UK and Ireland. Initially up to 60,000 pallets of B&M stock will be handled across a number of warehouses at the port, eliminating the need for expensive over spill storage as well as reducing the number of truck journeys required from port to warehouse.

Head of supply chain at B&M Retail, Jerome Wildsmith, said: “What has been particularly attractive is that we haven’t had to enter in to any lengthy or costly leasehold agreements. So we can add to or take away from capacity without losing out in terms of cost.

The deal also means we are able to reduce road miles and carbon emissions, which is important in terms of our commitment to environmentally friendly operations.

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